Types of Membership

The following is an explanation of the types of membership offered at VFOM. A person is eligible for membership upon completion of the Member’s Orientation course.

Active Membership: Any person who has confessed a personal relationship with Christ according to the beliefs in the Member’s Orientation course will be eligible for active membership. Active members will be expected to live a life that exemplifies their profession of faith. A person is an active member as long as they desire, or they no longer live according to the principles set forth in the Member’s Orientation Booklet.

Covenant Partner: Any person wishing to support this ministry financially or through other means of support with no intent in becoming an active member or participating in day to day activities of the ministry. Partners do not have to leave their home church and are expected to tithe to their home church if they are part of another church body.

All new members are required to attend new members training and ordinations classes.

Please pray about becoming a part of this dynamic growing ministry!