Pastor's Goal

The Pastor’s Goal is to Build Leaders
Leadership Progression

The essential element to growth in any ministry endeavor is the commitment to develop effective leadership. I was given this advice by Pastor Tony Evans of Dallas, TX. Leaders serve in one year terms beginning in January Elders/Ministers/Deacons lead the major ministry groups; responsible for implementing strategic direction Elders/ministers/deacons and ministry leaders are eligible for Executive Board; responsible for church’s spiritual and strategic guidance along with Pastors

Qualifications for Pastoral Staff Leaders

  • Spiritual Maturity that is displayed
  • Tithers with consistent giving record
  • Loyalty to church and vision
  • Outward display of covenant marriage
  • Perseverance (steadfast)
  • Integrity (can you keep a secret)


  • All ministries are expected to include youth activity involved in ministry.
  • All ministries are expected to operate within their allotted budget.
  • Every special event must be documented to reflect a return on investment of church funds or resources
  • Any events outside of VFOM and using church resources must be approved by a Director and Pastor
  • In addition to regular services all leaders are expected to attend Corporate and Intercessory prayer, Church Assimilation or Bible Study.