Our Services

Our services are designed to create an environment where our members and guests can connect with God and have a positive worship experience. Learn what our Sunday morning worship services are About

The Soaking Room – 7:00 – 8:00 a.m.

Pastoral Prayer Time – 8:00 a.m.

Worship Prelude – 8:35 a.m.
Thanks for joining us today! We will begin with about thirty or forty minutes of praise & worship of the Father GOD – creator of the universe and you! Feel free to stand, sing and dance as we express our worship to the King of the Universe using all of our soul, heart, mind and body. If you don’t know the songs, hang on – the words are on the screen. And don’t worry we didn’t know them at first, either.

10 a.m. Call to Worship
A time to come in the Lord’s Holy presence with reverence




Praise & Worship
This is the time for us to honor our Lord with words and songs of praise and worship. It is the disciple’s way of acknowledging we know our source or “Abba”. It is our way of preparing to hear from the Lord of the universe personally!

This is our obedience and remembrance of Christ Jesus. As part of our covenant relationship as disciples, we remember the ruler of the universe

This is the time for VFOM and other Kingdom members to share with this church\embassy\outpost financially. It is a way to thank God for HIS many blessings. If you are a first time visitor, we ask that you listen closely to the instructions during this time. We also want to remind you to place your visitor’s card in the offering basket as it is passed.

A time of practical teaching and preaching from the Bible for Christ’s disciples

Altar Call
There will be people up front to pray for any needs you may have. Please come forward if interested or the Holy Spirit is urging you.

Closing Prayer & Benediction
This is an important part of the service and not merely a dismissal but an opportunity for prayer and pastoral blessings to be bestowed upon the congregation.